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~ ~ Freya ~ ~

(aka Lady Cherokee)

~ ~ Sold ~ ~

Day 2

Week 1

Week 2

Week 3

Week 4

Week 5

1st Female, 1st in litter.....Solid Blue w/Light Front Flashing and a few

hairs for back flashing (back flashing should dissipate, front may)

born 1/26/19 @ 12:30 PM.....1lb 6oz

2/4/19.....2lbs 15oz

2/14/19.....4lbs 9.8oz

2/20/19.....6lbs 6.8oz

2/28/19.....9lbs 0.8oz

3/4/19.....10lbs 9oz

Week 5 Cherokee is still the same but like the rest of her siblings loves to climb up onto our laps for lovens

Week 4 Cherokee still has a calmness to her and can usually be found sleeping, laying regally beside her mom or on

occasion playing with her siblings.

Week 3 Cherokee has still demonstrated a calmness to her; even when Hawk tried to engage her in a puppy fight, she walked away. She likes to explore and while she does cuddle, she also has no problem being off by her self - just the right amount of confidence.

Week 2 Still not much to tell but Cherokee seems to have a calmness to her even though she pushes everyone out for food......

Week 1 Not much to tell other than she is currently our most talkative girl...oh and she Loves to eat :-)

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