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~ ~ Sold ~ ~

~ ~ Gemma ~ ~

(aka Lady Mahala)

Spoken for by The Marino Family in Pennsylvania

Day 2

Week 1

Week 2

Week 3

Week 4

Week 5

2nd Female, 4th in litter.....Solid Blue

(few strands on chest - should dissipate) w/Front Flashing

born 1/26/19 @3:10 PM.....1lb 3oz

2/4/19.....2lbs 5oz

2/14/19.....3lbs 6.8oz

2/20/19.....4lbs 12oz

2/28/19.....6lbs 8oz

3/4/19.....7lbs 7oz

Week 5 Mahala enjoys playing with her siblings, cuddling with her momma or us - she seems to enjoy just about everything. However no matter what she is doing, she is almost always telling us a story about it lol

Week 4 Mahala is everything listed will never be lonely with her as she always has something to say lol. Mahala does make one earn her affection/trust...but very loyal once earned. (video on FB)

Week 3 Mahala still has a calmness to her however while she has a calm side, she has a demanding side lol....she has no problems telling anyone that she is not happy and wants something....could be food, attention, potty….Mahala is very good at communicating lol she also demonstrates confidence by not shrieking back at new sounds...she calmly listens and may or may not explore/check it out.

Week 2 Mahala has been very calm x quiet again this week.

Week 1 Not much to tell. Mahala is very far

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