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Each one of our Danes that has left us are deeply missed x will always hold a special place in our hearts that only belongs to them. Their Paw Prints are Forever on Our Hearts.

Lady Gabriella

100% European Blue AKC  Great Dane

Our Gabby was diagnosed with arthritis in the Spring of 2017 x we have been treating it will pain meds, agility pills x anti-inflammatories since then. At 1st she only needed her meds 1x every couple days and over time it gradually went to every other day, every day, 2x a day until we where at the max dose she could be given. At first the max dose last 12 hours but as days went by it quickly decreased to 8hrs, 6hrs, 3-4 hrs until Gabby wouldn't get up/refused to get up. It was so hard to see the look of "giving up" on her precious face. So, with heavy hearts, the vet came to our home on 9/18/17 to help us say our final goodbyes.

Gabs was so full of energy x life, she is greatly missed already.

10/26/10 - 9/18/17

Lady Bella

1/2 Euro Black AKC  Great Dane

On 9/4/16 we said goodbye to our beloved Bella. She had gotten an upset tummy that caused her to vomit but after 2 days of not holding anything down (had talked to the vet on the phone after 1day) we took her in for blood work and an IV to get some fluids in her. Unfortunately she developed secondary pneumonia which is treatable but her tummy flipped while we were at the vet, which required surgery but with the pneumonia the chances of her waking from surgery were basically zero as we were told her lungs were pretty full.....if she just had pneumonia we could have treated that with antibiotics - if she just had a flip tummy we could have done surgery but with both at the same time......we were at a loss and had to say our goodbyes.....

Bell's paw prints will be forever on our hearts.


Lady Mercedes

100% European AKC  Great Dane

We waited 2 Long years for Mercedes to grace this world with her presence after picking out her parents x then we waited another 8 weeks to hold her. Mercedes was by far the "perfect" Dane in personality/temperament, size x confirmations x was color pure blue x black lines for @ least 5 generations.

On Saturday morning, April 19, 2014 we told our Danes we would be back shortly not knowing it would be the last time we would get to tell our Mercedes that. When we arrived back home we found that our sweet beautiful loving gentle giant had passed away in her sleep, she looked so peaceful when we found her in our room. She was perfectly fine when we left, but was not when we arrived home.

While we love all our Danes, Mercedes was by far the Perfect Dane. We waited 2 long years for her arrival and we were graced with her love and affection for a little over 2 short amazingly wonderful years. She was extremely gentle and loving, never pushing her way in for attention as most Danes do. Sadie always waited and when it was her turn. She would always come in slowly and very gently give tiny kisses, so gentle it was as if she thought she would break us if she kissed us too hard. She will remain in our hearts



Sir Brody

100% European Solid Blue AKC  Great Dane

A few weeks ago, Brody went out to go potty & it was the 1st time I had seen him hike his leg to “go” since before having spine surgery from being hit by a goat. However Brody quickly realized it was a mistake and rested his leg on the fire pit only to realize that was not going to work, so he put his leg down on the ground . It was such a funny x awesome moment. To top it off he walked towards the woods x stood in his show stack stance, all on his own like he always has. It ...was so nice to see but unfortunately I did not have my phone to capture it - some of life’s best moments are when technology is no where around.

Unfortunately though, the moment was short lived. Shortly after walking into the house, Brody collapsed and we did not think he was getting back up. We called our vet, who rearranged his schedule to come to the house to see Brody (Thank you Dr Biggie!) I don’t remember the technical terms but basically Brody’s once strong heart is now old and it’s starting to show and the top & bottom chambers are not always synchronized like they should be. Doc said to keep him calm (no excitement) for a few days - let him resume his normal activities “if & when” he is ready - yes that meant he might not get back up. Thankfully, Brody did.

The week following was absolute torture for us all. Brody had an episode every day but none as bad or as long as his first & thankfully Brody always got back up. During these episodes Brody had an erratic heartbeat. Then finally we went 4 days in a row w/no episodes. While we were beyond thankful- we were still worried - as we know that alot of times, things will appear to be getting better - but they actually are not.

True enough, on Saturday April 7th - Brody had 2 episodes in 1 day (a 1st). However the next day he was his old, normal self; he was awake before me (actually woke me up for the 1st time since his 1st episode) & ate all his food & no episodes. However, the following day, even though it started off as a good day was shortly lived. Upon coming back in from outside Brody collapsed & did not get back up this time - his strong heart was just too tired.

These past 2 weeks were a precious gift, that we will always be thankful for. We were blessed to have him in our lives for 8 1/2 wonderful years & we will always treasure the time we had with him.

CB Hillis Danes Sir Brody
9/17/09 - 4/9/18
🐾 Paw Prints 🐾 on our ❤️💙❤️s

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