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~ ~ Sold ~ ~

(aka Sir Tamahak)

Spoken for by The Borger Family in Pennsylvania

~ ~ Jagger ~ ~

Day 2

Week 1

Week 2

Week 3

Week 4

Week 5

2nd Male, 3rd in litter.....Thin Strip of White on Chest w/front flashing

with a small white patch under chin (not seen unless looking for it)

and a few hairs for back flashing (back should dissipate)

born 1/26/19 @ 2:38 PM.....1lb 8.5oz

2/4/19.....2lbs 14oz

2/14/19.....4lbs 4oz

2/20/19.....6lbs 1.8oz

2/28/19.....8lbs 13oz

3/4/19.....10lbs 9.8oz

Week 5 Hawk has really warmed up to us humans and loves attention.....he has a calm side x a playful rotten side - he likes to bite his moms tail or at least try to as she wags it lol

Week 4 Hawk is playful and while he likes us humans, he does prefer his siblings ….for now lol

while he does have a confident side, he prefers what is normal  (his siblings, his momma, the whelping room) he fusses at new things and takes him a few to adjust.

Week 3 Hawk has been awake a lot ;-) He is still a talker but he has a playful dated 2/20 is posted on FB showing him playing with his momma x his siblings. Hawk also enjoys cuddling with us humans and has demonstrated his confidence by exploring the whelping room.

Week 2 Still not much to tell on Hawk...he sleeps, alot

Week 1 Not much to tell but Hawk is our most talkative lad.

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