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~ ~ Sold ~ ~

~ ~ Baron ~ ~

(aka Sir Viktor)

Spoken for by The Schorr Family in Ohio

Day 2

Week 1

Week 2

Week 3

Week 4

Week 5

1st Male, 2nd in litter.....White Patch on Chest w/light

front flashing

born 1/26/19 @ 1:40 PM.....1lb 6.5 oz

2/4/19.....2lbs 11.8oz

2/14/19.....4lbs 6oz

2/20/19.....5lbs 13oz

2/28/19.....8lbs 1oz

3/4/19.....9lbs 6oz

Week 5 Chief is absolutely adorable when he puts himself between his momma, his siblings x us when we come into "their space" but once he realizes who we are he is all about getting some lovens lol. Chief can usually be found laying or sitting beside his momma but he occasionally play with his siblings.

Week 4 Chief is our little protector....he fusses at us all until he checks us out and

deems us approved lol - he is definitely a mommas boy still.

Week 3 Chief is a momma's boy. While he enjoys playing with his siblings he can usually be found trying to get his momma to play. While Chief is usually the 1st to announce a new noise he shows his confidence by going and checking out the sound.

Week 2 Chief seems to be aware of his surrounding...observant/watchful (Video on FB)

Week 1 Not much to tell. Chief is quiet.

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