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Welcome to Hillis Dolls
We have Kittens

The Kiddos

Licoln, Bugatti x Maserati


We never use to be cat people; we had some mouse hunters but that was it. All that changed when we were asked if we would take this kitten that had belonged to a friend's child, whom passed away from cancer. We had told our friends that the kitten would be an indoor/outdoor mouse hunter too. Honestly figured he would pay as much attention to us as the others did - boy were we wrong.

Darth Vader aka Darth, we kept the name he was originally given, was like no other cat we have owned. Honestly think he should have been a dog. He Loved belly rubs (right!?!). When in the hot tub, he could usually be found sitting/standing guard on the corner of the hot tub or on the table near it aka My Guard Cat and when he came inside from a night out or going potty (yes, he "goes" outside) he would sit for attention. Keep in mind that he, like all our cats had a litter box inside the house but Darth x our other mouser Chester pottied outside more than they use the litter. On top of all that Darth loved to cuddle and give  loves as much as he got them! He shared the couch x our bed with the Danes! Which by the way, Ardagio (our male Dane at the time) let Darth sample his food right out of Ardagio's bowl!!

So, one day we were talking about how dog like Darth was and how we wished we had not fixed him, how we wished all cats were like him and our research began for a cat like Darth. No, Chester was not dog like. Chester liked lovens, but he is what we think of when we think of a cat; wanted lovens when he wanted them - others wise do not touch. Chester wasn't that bad, but you get the idea. So anyways, our research began for a dog-like cat and there were a couple options but we fell in love with The Ragdolls particularly the BluePoint Ragdolls and the Blue Bi-Color Ragdolls and while we know Darth was a mixed breed country cat, we think he had some ragdoll because if you look up Black Ragdolls, it looks like our Dath-a-kis.

So, we now breed ragdolls because we truly Love The Breed! 

I work from home, as a Field Rep so no, our Dolls are not our paycheck - but working from home allows me to be here  for whenever kittens arrive (day or night) and to sleep in the same room with them to insure that they get around the clock care. The Kittens have constant supervision, interaction x socialization.
When you take one of our Ragdoll Kittens home that care will continue; anytime you call, text, email, facebook message me - how ever you contact us, we will contact you back!


Our goal here at Hillis Dolls is to produce Healthy Ragdolls that will become part of your Family. We do this by making sure the lines of our Dolls are the correct blood type - yes, it matters and have been tested for......

and we health test our Dolls for the same things. 

Our Dolls have their very own bedroom now upstairs away from the Danes and can come down at their pleasurer lol. We are not a kennel but we do occasionally use a Dane size kennel for those that have been fixed or for when the girls are in heat and we need to be able to keep them separated - so no "mishaps" happen before the girls are of age. We also have an XXL one for outside (that is in their bedroom) tthat we use for when our momma's give birth. That way the new momma's have space x as the kittens grow the door is left open for all to come x go.

We all will give you our 2 sense as to what we think each kitten's personality is x we will post lots of vidoes on our FB page (link at bottom) & we will do our up most to tell you everything we can about each kitten to help you pick out the kitten that will fit your family - that's right You Pick Out your kitten - we do not.

If you are ready for a Hillis Doll - don't wait - go ahead
contact us ;-)

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