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Dolls are known as the cats that should have been dogs. They are loyal, loving x family companions who love children & adults but,

Is a Ragdoll the right pet for you & your family??


Please consider the following…..

What type of lifestyle do you have; are you always on the go? If so will your new kitten be going along or staying home alone? Remember while they are not dogs and do not require the same amount of attention x supervision - they are dog like x therefore can not be treated like a "typical" cat.


The longer the hair x larger the dog the larger the responsibility….are you prepared??

     1. One of the main things to consider is do you have other cats? If you do, are you prepared for the time it will take for your current cats to like your new family addition. Are you prepared for them to Never like one another?? Our Chester adjusted to Darth quickly but they were still young. Neither Chester or Darth care for Lincoln, Bugatti or Maserati. it even took Bugatti over a month to like Lincoln x Maserati. Seems like the older the cat (Bu is the oldest between the 3) the longer it takes for them to adjust - or never adjust - Are you willing to keep your Doll from us if your current cat(s) never like them??


2. Do you have dogs? Our Danes Love, Love, Love the cats - sometimes too much for the Dolls. So, Chester x Darth allow the Danes to sniff them - the Danes do not chase those 2. Lincoln, Bugatti x Maserati on the other hand are not fans of the Danes sniffing them yet - which could cause a chase. So the Dolls have their own area; a safe haven from the Danes.

Are you willing to do the same if needed??

3. Do you have any other pets? Rabbits, reptiles, etc. Keep in mind that cats in general are hunters. I have seen our Chester take down a squirrel. So, are you prepared to keep your other smaller pets safe, if needed?


4. Dolls have a plush coat that may or may not get matted.....Are you prepared/willing to brush your Doll's coat as often as it requires or are you willing to take your Doll to a groomer reguarlly?

5. Again, Dolls are like dogs, they love human attention & affection......without it, they can get separation anxiety and become very destructive. They may knock things off of shelves, they may spay - yes, even the girls anything in their own way to show you their unhappy with the situation - the bigger the cat, usually the bigger the you have the time to give to a Doll?

** A Pet Sitter or a large enough crate/cat house can help with the possible destructive problems (our cat house/crates cost $150 plus tax for each & an extra 100-250 for the shelving we put in x the bedding.)

5. The larger the cat, usually the larger the bill for food, chew toys & vet bills……

Yes, they go through toys, they rip them apart.…..Because of their size the cost for flea & tick as well as any other medication usually costs more, so that the medication is affective for their size..…Do you have the financial resources for their food, toys (cause you don’t want it to be your furniture they destroy with spray) & any medications that they might need?

If you feel that a Ragdoll is still the right pet for you & your family, please contact us!!

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