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All our Dolls x all our litters will be registered & all kittens are whelped & raised inside our home.

We breed for Health, Temperament, x for the Traditional Blue x Blue Bi-Color.

We have kittens.

1st to place a deposit gets 1st pick, 2nd gets 2nd pick x so forth.
(Refundable if we do not have enough male/female kittens)
Please Check out our Planned Breedings
for upcoming litters.

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** The Sea of Blues **

August 26, 2023

See their past kittens here


Kittens from this pairing will be either Traditional Blue Point/Blue Point Mitted or Blue Bi-Color

So Only Place a Deposit if you are happy with 1 of those 3 colors because we will not know until they arrive what we will have.

Mozzie 4 yrs.jpg
Lincoln Nov 2021-2.jpg

      Lady Maserati       x       Sir Lincoln

Spay/Neuter $2000.00

Show/Breeding $3000.00

 1st Pick Female is currently Available

1st Pick Male is Spoken for by The Parr Family in Ohio

 2nd Pick is Male is Spoken for by The Uhrig Family in Ohio

3rd- 4th Pick Males are currently Available

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