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Text, Call or E-mail
or visit us on at the bottom of page
** Please keep in mind that we have 3 2-legged ones x several 4-legged ones,
I will answer/respond as soon as I can

Please look over Our Hope, Is A Ragdoll Right For You x Our
Kitten Contract
page before contacting us. ** Thank you ;-)
Christine Hillis
Millersport, Ohio

Please copy, paste x answer these questions when contacting us for a puppy. If you are contacting us for a Stud Please copy, paste and answer those questions (below), Tks ;-)

Kitten Questions
1. Are you willing to provide a Forever Indoor Home?
2. Have you ever been around or owned a Ragdoll?
    - If yes, do you currently own any Ragdolls?
    - if so how many x what are their ages, color x sex?
3. Are you wanting a Male or a Female?
5. Are you wanting Full (breed/showing) rights or Limited(spay/neuter)?
6. Do you understand that with Limited your Ragdoll will be fixed before leaving?

7. Do you realize that spayed/neutered or left intact your Ragdoll may spray?

8. Have you ready "Our Hope" page?
9. Where do you live and will you be picking your Ragdoll up or flying him/her?

-If flying what airport is closest to you?
10. Have you looked over our Kitten Contract?

- If so, are you wanting a 1 or 2 yr Genetic Health Guarantee?
- If 2 yrs, are you interested in possibly getting your Ragdoll's food for free?

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