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What you Feed your Ragdoll(s) Matters!!
The drug that is found in euthanized animals x road kill have been found in some pet foods - no lie, Google it.
Think what feeding that to your fur-baby over time does to him or her.
The food we feed
Guarantees Not to put any of that in their food x the food we feed has

Never Been Recalled - Ever!!
The thought/hope is, the less chemicals you feed, the healthier x longer they will live.

Many people ask us how we get our Ragdoll's coats to look so good x shiny. To be honest we believe it is good genetics ;-) lol but the other reason is what we feed them. Just like with humans, the healthier you eat the better your, skin, hair x nails look and its the same with our Ragdolls.

Click on any of the links
to check out the food we feed
Our kittens x adults eat the all stages
please contact us with any questions about any of it.

Feed your Ragdoll(s) for Free

We Do!

The company we purchase our food through has a field rep program. All
reps receive $$ back on what they themselves purchase
Now, while it does cost more per bag than most (but not all) Pet Food in the store does
- You
Will Not Buy As Much As Often -
- So you will feed Way Less -

- 1 breeder bag last our 5 cats  1  1/2 -2 months
That Means you spend less to feed them -
- As time goes by x I place other customers under you - you will earn a % from their purchases on top of the % you are already earning off what you personally purchase and eventually, like us you will get more money back than what you spend (we spend a lot) therefore earning Free Food, like we do. Basically the company pays us more money back than what we spend each month.

Click on the Link below to

Check It Out!!


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