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~ ~ Lady Maserati ~ ~
Traditional Blue Bi-Color

Maserati 7.2.jpg

To see more pics of Maserati, please click on her name

To see pics of Maserati's line x her pedigree please click on Maserati's Pedigree...

Maserati passed her health testing

Hcm - Negative

Pkd - Negative

Blood type A

Born  ~   2019

Weight - 

Maserati is from Poland

Champion parents x many more Champions in her line

Mozzie as been a little fireball she has graced us with her presence. She is quiet but she is full of energy and Loves to play with Lincoln. Mozzie is always the 1st to greet me at the door and follows me every where - she even feels the need to help me clean the litter boxes by sticking her nose in the way to make sure I got it all lol.


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